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Trade Terms and Conditions



Roaman is an oral health care brand that is looking to reinvent how individuals look at caring for their teeth. Our goal is to take something that is usually bland, boring, and oftentimes gross, and turn that into something that is sleek, stylish, and deluxe. With the beautifully designed products that provide an elevated sense of style in both functionality and aesthetic, you know that they are bringing a breath of freshness into a stale routine. Roaman hopes and wants to encourage a more regular oral health care routine as well as changing the current impression of a normal and boring chore, into a fun, luxurious and stylish activity. The Roaman colours are handpicked to cover a personality type, rather than a “male or female” aesthetic, paired together with showcasing their range of beautifully diverse models that may not have perfect teeth but a perfect smile. Roaman is about taking selfcare seriously to suit you, the individual and who you are, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle change in the most positive way. Roaman products are designed to provide its customers with high quality and innovative technology. Roaman products are multifunctional, allowing their users, a dual functionality in the T10 Electric Toothbrush and a sleek yet fun Mini1 Water Flosser.

Roaman now sells to both public and trade customers. If you are a licensed dentist or still in training to become fully qualified in the dental industry, you are eligible to apply for a trade account with Roaman to receive trade pricing. Please send all necessary credentials to [email protected] for review. Once reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of the Roaman Team if your account is approved or declined. (Please note we are only accepting trade accounts for qualifications used in the dental industry.)

A trade account for Roaman, permits you to obtain trade pricing and special trade offers when applicable. Should you wish to no longer have a Roaman trade account, please email [email protected] and let a member of the team know about cancelling your account. Please note that you do not need to provide a reason as to why you are cancelling your account.

Please note that no responsibility will be accepted for the misuse, incorrect selection or recommendation of a product by a Roaman Team member. Should any errors occur after purchasing from Roaman for yourself or a client, you acknowledge that Roaman and its staff are not liable for any restoration and/or maintenance of the result of your chosen product/s.

It is important to note that your discount will only be applicable when using the email address approved on your trade account, and all purchases must be made with the email attached to your profile with Roaman. You cannot use your email to allow anyone but yourself to receive Roaman’s trade prices. Should any fraudulent activity or misuse behaviour on your account, be noticed by a Roaman team member your account will be held until further investigation determines the continuation or cancellation of your account.

If you have any further questions or require help, please do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]