meet the 𝓹𝓾𝓻𝓹𝓵𝓮 𝓼𝓱𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓸𝓸 made for smiles 💜


Roaman brand was conceived by Jack Yan. A Chinese visionary who saw a gap in the healthcare sector, he found an opportunity with professional dental products that were overpriced and under performing.

Jack worked very hard to become the business magnate he is today. In his current 50, 000 square feet factory he has an employee count of 600 to help him distribute his products in over 86 countries. By working hard to offer the best quality products for the best prices in the healthcare/beauty sector, Jack has proven time and time again that he and Roaman is a success. So much so, that the Chinese government has named a street after him called "Roaman Lu". This is where Jack is building his brand new factory with the help of the government who would like to say thank you for his work at Roaman that provides many jobs for his community. The new factory will be over 200,000 square feet and will also host apartments for his employees, hotels for his visitors, warehouse facilities and entertainment venues.

Jack has a smile that lights up the room and is married with two children. He is caring, funny and incredibly clever with strong pride for his country. His generosity towards his employees and his people are endless. Jack is not only an extraordinary businessman but a wonderful human with strong and unbreakable values. 


After such incredible success in China Jack wanted to test the western market with the help of his Australian agent. After careful research and planning the australian team created a fresh version of the roaman brand inspired by the classic values and quality of Roaman China infused with current pop culture and social climate changes of the western world. The Australian team has worked tirelessly to ensure every tiny detail upholds the quality and vision that Jack has worked so hard to achieve in China. 


Through understanding the needs of the consumer, not just regarding quality products and great customer service but through ethical and social values, the Australian team hope to create an enjoyable and fulfilling brand for each and every customer.


ROAMAN has FIVE CORE PILLARS that build WHO we are and WHAT we do.

TRUTH - "BE TRUE, STAY TRUE." Roaman's value of truth comes from the roman people and their recognition of the truth of life and their ability to love it in all their beauty. It is implemented in everything roaman does, being true to who we are and what we do.

QUALITY - At every step of the roaman experience high standards are kept to ensure the best results are given and provided to our customers. This is shown in our selection of materials, to our product testing, to the follow up service customers receive after their sales experience.

TRANSFORMATION - Roaman aims for consistent innovation at every avenue. Always working on engineering more prestige technology with our products and developing our service to achieve premium experience for our customers.

HEART - This is the value that makes roaman a unique brand when it comes to oral health care. We care about the quality of our customers oral health care and the experience our customers have. We know our customers deserve only the most deluxe and luxurious products when it comes to self care. Everything we achieve and aim for is a result of a genuine need to provide this elite service for our customers. 

GOOD WELLBEING - Roaman embraces the importance of health in every aspect. We know that there's always a first step in our customers health journey. Roaman believes that the first step starts in our mouth! We use our mouth to eat, talk and smile everyday of course this should be a first priority in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.