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So you’ve bought your first Roaman Electric Toothbrush or at the very least, you’re thinking about it. But how does this thing even work? We promise, it’s real easy! Let us break it down for you. 
First Step: Before every use make sure you give your toothbrush head a little rinse. This is just to wash away any leftover particles or dust that has collected since last use. To minimise this collection of fragments that gather on your toothbrush we suggest storing your brush away in a cool and dry place. 
Second Step: Place a pea size amount of your personal favourite toothpaste onto the brush head. We suggest, when picking a toothpaste to ensure you have fluoride as an ingredient, as this helps form a protective barrier around teeth and fights decay-causing germs. Sometimes rinsing the brush head after placing the toothpaste on it with water can help it have a more comfortable mouth feel. 
Third Step: Turn on your chosen toothbrush mode that feels comfortable for you. Gently brush your teeth starting in the top corner going along the front of your teeth until you reach the opposite corner. Then move it underneath to the back of your teeth until you reach the original corner. 
Repeat on your bottom row of teeth. 
The recommended time for brushing is 2 minutes. This is easily broken up into 30 seconds for each quadrant of your mouth. Alternatively, you can also think of it like 30 seconds across the front top of your mouth, 30 seconds across the back of your top teeth and the same for your bottom row of teeth. 
Fourth Step: Be sure to spit out all remnants of toothpaste and spit that has gathered in your mouth while cleaning into your sink. Rinse your mouth heavily with water and ensure you have removed all leftover parts of the toothpaste clean. 
Fifth Step: Thoroughly clean your brush head with running water and place your electric toothbrush back into its dry and cool place Where you keep it stored. 
Sixth Step: Pair this with flossing after every brush. We always recommended a Water Flosser (obviously - find out why in our blogs!). Give yourself a great big smile into the mirror and have a fantastic day! 
Don't forget to brush your teeth this way both morning and night! For more tips and tricks check out our blogs or contact us at [email protected].
Charging - Plug your USB charging cord into a wall adapter. Place the toothbrush on top of the charging pad ensuring it is sitting correctly. Leave for 6-12 hours. 

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