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Roaman Affiliate Content Creation Requirements

As we are a brand that loves to see our customers and affiliates using their T10 Electric Toothbrushes and MINI1 Water Flossers, we would love to be able to share the amazing content you create across our platforms. But to guarantee that your content is seen by the Roaman Team and can be considered for reposting across our social media platforms, please keep the beneath guidelines in mind when creating any content for Roaman. Please note that each of our different social media platforms will have different guidelines.


  • Tag @roamansmile in the caption + on the photo 
  • Include the hashtag #roamansmile
  • Include your unique coupon code in your caption to help promote sales


  • Minimum 3 frames with @roamansmile tagged in each video 
  • Include unique coupon code and swipe up link, if possible. 


  • Include RoamanSmile in your Youtube Video Title (eg, “My daily Routine with RoamanSmile”) 
  • Include unique coupon code and link in your description box 
  • Share the product(s) and colour
  • Must link the Roaman website in the description box


  • Include RoamanSmile in your IGTV title (eg, “My RoamanSmile Product Review”) 
  • Include unique coupon code in your caption and tag @roamansmile
  • Share the product(s) and colour


  • Link back to the Roaman website
  • Include Roaman in your blog post title (eg, “ How I use my T10 Roaman Electtic Toothbrush.”)
  • Include at least one Roaman product in the blog post and use the correct link to the website for said product.