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We are looking for individuals who are passionate content creators. If you want to work with a brand that is all about inspiring and encouraging others to take your self-care seriously to suit you, the individual and who you are, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle change in the most positive way, then this is a program created for you!

Roaman is an oral health care brand that is looking to reinvent how we as individuals look at caring for our teeth. Our goal is to take something that is usually bland, boring, and often gross at times, and turning that into something sleek, stylish and deluxe. This means we appreciate advancements in innovation within science and technology as this is how we bring new heights to the way we live our life. But these advancements are worth nothing without the heart and soul of the people who use them. This important factor of soul means to us, to always remember our need to romanticise every aspect of basic human life and our earth. Thus, where our motto comes from “The perfect romance between science and soul.”

Our pledge to you is that we want to help, you grow as we grow too. By joining our affiliate program, you will be treated as if you were a partner of the Roaman team. We only make money if you make money! We will reward you with commission on every single purchase that is made using your unique code and referral link. When you create amazing content that show’s off your perfect smile we would love to share your content across our social media platforms such as InstagramFacebookTikTok and Youtube

Sounding awesome?


  • It is free to apply and you will earn 20% commission off each sale made using your unique code.
  • Generous discount for your first purchase! (if you don't already have one!)
  • You receive access to a personal partner dashboard, where you can track your commissions and receive convenient payments through PayPal.
  • You can have the chance to be featured on Roaman’s social media platforms.
  • Exclusive opportunities for the highest earning annual ambassadors to receive additional sponsorships.


  • 4000+ followers on Instagram
  • Your content is awesome, and you want to help share the message of how important the journey of self-care is.
  • Must be following @roamansmile on Instagram


  • You have a Youtube channel where you post honest and respectful reviews.
  • Have tried Roaman before and genuinely loves our product (remember we can track your orders we know if you have purchased from us before).
  • Lives and loves to promote positivity and a healthy lifestyle


  • Our ambassadors are required to post on their social media platforms monthly. Each content is to be unique from the last.
  • ONE piece of content can include but not excluded to the following: Instagram feed posts, Instagram reels, IGTV, Youtube video or blog post.
  • Additional content could be on Instagram stories where we can mention your stories on our Instagram.
  • All Instagram content must include our hashtag #roamansmile as well as tagging @roamansmile in the photo and in the caption. This helps our team better track your content.
  • Any Youtube or blog content must include links to the Roaman website.

To read more of the above in full detail, please click here to view our breakdown of content guidelines and affiliate terms and conditions.


  • Upon your approval, you must personally request your own Roaman kit or products by emailing the affiliate manager.
  • To request your Roaman products, all ambassadors must provide their favourite colour and products, + their full mailing address, phone number and email to the affiliate manager.
  • For our full terms and conditions in relation to our Affiliate program please find them here.

 If everything is still ticking all your boxes, by clicking sign up, you are agreeing that you meet our social media and content creation requirements. We can't wait to hear from you and we look even more forward to working with you. Thank you for choosing Roaman as your brand of choice for bettering your oral health care, here is to flourishing together and spreading love around the world!


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