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Water Flosser's; Why we are obessed them!

Water Flosser's; Why we are obessed them!

 It is what we have constantly been told since being old enough to understand the concept of brushing your teeth – “brush your teeth at least twice a day and make sure you are cleaning between your teeth too.”- But it shows that oral hygiene is constant work. Yet sustaining oral health does not have to be a daunting experience, it can be a fun and luxe experience with the right products.

As food fragments get fixed to our teeth daily regular flossing and brushing are a must, to help prevent the dreaded gum disease or a trip to the dentist (because let’s be real, no one really likes going to the dentist anyway!). However, the thought of having to use string floss everyday scares some people. Due to the whole process of having to use a type string floss can be challenging for some, whilst others find it too time consuming.

That is why a water flosser can come into play! A water flosser is an oral hygiene tool that aids in the removal of plaque, food, and bacteria from your mouth. The water flosser uses a water tank, a jet tip nozzle, and a motorized pump to create a pressurised stream of water that shots out of the jet tip directly between your teeth. The speed in which the water stream comes out helps to remove those pesky bits of food, plaque, bacteria, and tartar.


How to use the Mini1 Water flosser

First Step: Slide the top cap to the side to find the Jet Tip. Pop the tip into the hole found on the top of the device. Push down until you hear the click which means the tip is placed in correctly. 

 Second Step: Open the cap at the back of the Flosser and slide the container down until you hear a click. You should be able to click it in just pass the silver line. Be careful not to pull too hard or you could cause some damage.

 Third Step: Fill the container with warm water and place the cap back on firmly

 Fourth Step: Place into your mouth with a closed mouth and turn on the device until you reach your preferred setting. Move the tip in between your teeth and gums slowly for a meticulous clean.  Spend a minimum of 15 seconds cleaning time on each quadrant. 

 Fifth Step: Every 5-7 seconds depending on your mouth comfortability pause the device to spit out the water from your mouth into the sink. Feel free to do this as much or as little as needed based on what's most comfortable for you. Remember to place the Jet Tip back into your mouth with a closed mouth before reactivating your device. 

You may need to refill the water container before finishing depending on mouth size. Be sure to turn off the device and open cap before refilling water. 

 Sixth Step: Once you have finished your whole mouth turn off your device and empty any remaining water. Give your device a rinse all over and place the Jet Tip back into its compartment on device. You can release the Jet Tip by Pushing the small button found on the side of the device. When sliding the container compartment backup be sure the cap is open to allow an air to be pushed out or you may damage your Flosser. Once pushed in, place the cap back on and store in a cool dry place. 

It is important to remember to continue using your Toothbrush along with the flosser to increase the cleaning effects.

When individuals first own a water flosser a huge learning curve occurs (I know from personal experience, I sprayed my whole entire bathroom the very first time I used my water flosser!). Whilst you are trying to figure out the best pulse rate, and mange the perfect water temperature to use on the flosser. But it is just all part of the fun of owning a water flosser!



Benefits of the Water Flosser


A water flosser is an excellent oral health tool that can be especially useful for those who have sensitive gums or other gum related issues. Additionally, to those with sensitive gums, a water flosser is highly beneficial for those who have braces, crowns, bridges, or any other dental implants, and for those who suffer from arthritis, or they find that using string floss is too difficult. As using traditional string floss can sometimes be too invasive and rough on the gums, or it can be quite difficult to maneuverer/work with.


Water flossers are also great at getting into those hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, tightly spaced teeth, and periodontal pockets – that can lead to early gum disease. A water flosser can also help to keep the fresh breath for longer, as it is able to remove more plaque and bacteria (when combined with brushing). Another benefit of a water flosser is that they are environmentally friendly. This is due to them being reusable, and that they do not produce any plastic waste!

Here are a few more benefits that we LOVE about water flossers!

  • They improve the gum health – as the water flosser allows you to remove the plaque and food debris quickly and easily from those hard-to-reach places, and they can help to prevent gum diseases.
  • It is less abrasive on the gums – as a water flosser is quite gentle when compared to traditional floss, meaning that your gums are less likely to be irritated – which is great if you have sensitive gums!
  • They are fantastic and safe for those who have braces or other dental implants – as traditional floss is quite difficult to use when you have braces. A water flosser means that those who do have them on, can still carry out their regular flossing routines. This is due to the jet stream being able to efficiently clean the teeth without disrupting any of the hardware.
  • Deep cleaning – many dentists recommend water flossers to patients who have experienced gum diseases previously. As a water flosser can deep clean the teeth by the pressurised water stream that can remove any plaque or food in between the teeth.
  • Safe to use after dental implants or treatments – Water flossers are a gentle and effective way to clean your teeth after a dental procedure (they can also help to ensure a longer lifespan). They also will not disrupt the patient post treatment or procedure.
  • Easy to use – when compared to traditional flossing, a water flosser requires less manual input to produce squeaky clean results. It only takes 1 minute to achieve the clean feeling, where traditional flossing can take up to triple the amount of time to achieve the same clean feeling.



Daily Flossing is an integral part of your at home oral hygiene routine, no matter which flossing routine you decide to do. However, water flossers are proven to be significantly more effective than traditional floss. As they are more gentle and less likely to cause any irritation – which can be an absolute lifesaver for some!  But we deo recommend you consult with your dentist first to ensure that you make the right decision for your oral health needs.

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