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Our skin care head can really benefit the way you execute your skin care routine. We’re sure you’re wondering how you can use the second part of this dual device. A skin device? On a toothbrush? Yeah, let’s talk about how this works.

First Step: Remove the toothbrush head and place the skin care head on firmly.  

Second Step: With your preferred skin cleanser place either on your face or on your skin cleanser head and select skin cleaning mode on device. 

Third Step: Slowly and gently move the skin attachment around your face in circular motions. Be sure to cleanse your whole face and take care around your eye area. 

Fourth Step: Once you have cleansed your face competently, switch off the device and wash the soap off your face with warm or cool water. Again being careful around your eye area. 

Fifth Step: Use a face cloth to dry by patting gently until your face is dry. 

Sixth Step: Clean the skin attachment head by rinsing with cool water.

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