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Roaman's Steps Towards Sustainability

Roaman's Steps Towards Sustainability

Why Does My Roaman Product Not Come With A Wall Adapter?

This is an excellent question, and one we are quite happy to answer. Most people have been buying electronics for 5-20 years which means each of us have that wonderful box, or maybe a bag, a bottom drawer even, filled with random cords, plugs and adapters that we have no idea where they came from or what they are used for. And, what does that have to do with us not providing a wall adapter?
Let’s first talk about disposal. Throwing away our household and every day electronics usually means a few things. First and foremost, most of us aren’t actually disposing of our electronics correctly, we are simply throwing these things away through our traditional rubbish methods. Disposing of e-waste this way can cause serious issues to the environment. When this type of waste is warmed up, toxic chemicals are released into the air, causing damaging impact to the atmosphere. Having these toxic materials end up in junkyards or dumps, means it can sink into the ground, affecting both land and sea animals. I am sure this is something that we don't think about but when we do, stresses us out, right? Many types of electrical devices have environmentally friendly ways to dispose of them which we often ignore, much to our environment's distress. As a world we need to start paying attention to these Eco friendly ways of disposal wherever we can. 
The second point being while we’re busy getting rid of our devices, the range of attachments including charging or connectivity cords are left in the special safe place that we forgot even existed. This means that every time we upgrade to the latest iPhone or laptop we get a new charging cord and wall adapter. Then let me tell you what happens, we pop the old one away and switch to the new one because it's newer and fresher. Am I right? 
We know that a large amount of us have a handful of wall adapters at home that we don't use. At Roaman we thought about this and decided we want to limit our footprint the best we can. We know that we can't move mountains when it comes to being 100% environmentally friendly or be perfectly Eco sustainable with everything that we do. However, we are going to start by changing little things where we can. This starts with providing less electrical waste where we can, pointedly a wall adapter. We hope that our customers can do their bit as well and use a wall adapter they might already have at home that they don't use. Or alternate with one they are using to help bring down environmental e-waste.
But we know that not everyone is in a position to be able to do that, which we understand and can support those by offering a basic wall adapter for purchase along with your Roaman toothbrush or flosser. We only stock a minimal amount so please bear with us if we aren't replenishing as quick as we can. We know it can be an inconvenience to some or it may turn people off our products but we believe in doing the best we can, where we can, environmentally and socially. 
Please feel free to contact us to discuss any issues or questions you may have at [email protected] and we are happy to discuss. 

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