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Please Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Please Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to the start of your self care journey with Roaman. I’m sure you have lots of questions so let’s dive right in and allow us to introduce ourselves, our products and our promise. 

WHO are we?

Originally born in China, Roaman was created out of a need to provide oral health care products that are of the highest quality whilst possessing heart and soul. We believe the way to achieve the best results with everything in life is a combination of technological innovation and soul of the people. 
This means we appreciate advancements in innovation within science and technology as this is how we bring new heights to the way we live our life. But these advancements are worth nothing without the heart and soul of the people who use them. This important factor of soul means to us, to always remember our need to romanticise every aspect of basic human life and our earth.
Thus where our motto comes from “The perfect romance between science and soul”.
Recently ushered into Australia in 2020 we have worked hard to maintain that high standard of quality in ideals, products, user experience and values all while bringing a sleek and modern edge. We have taken a look around us and decided to create new ‘personality’ colours on our hero products, to help a fresh and self evolving audience engage and build a relationship with Roaman. 
Understanding the need to blend our traditional values and ideals with the ever changing trends of pop culture, mixed with the movement of the social climate, is what we have aimed to achieve moving this brilliant brand into the Australian market. 

WHAT do we STAND for?

Roaman has five core values that are a strong part of who we are and how we aim to achieve our goals. 
TRUTH - "Be true, stay true."
Roaman's value of truth comes from the Roman people and their recognition of the truth of life and their ability to love it in all their beauty. It is implemented in everything Roaman does, being true to who we are and what we do. 
QUALITY - At every step of the Roaman experience high standards are kept to ensure the best results are given and provided to our customers. This is shown in our selection of materials, to our product testing, to the follow up service customers receive after their sales experience.
TRANSFORMATION - Roaman aims for consistent innovation at every avenue. Always working on engineering more prestigious technology with our products and developing our service to achieve premium experience for our customers. We also focus on trying to move into more eco friendly avenues wherever we can. 
HEART - This is the value that makes Roaman a unique brand when it comes to oral health care. We care about the quality of our customers oral health care and the experience our customers have. We know our customers deserve only the most deluxe products when it comes to self care. Everything we achieve and aim for is a result of a genuine want to provide this elite service for our customers. 
GOOD WELLBEING - Roaman embraces the importance of health in every aspect. We know that there's always a first step in our customers' health journey. We believe that the first step starts in our mouth! We use our mouth to eat, talk and smile everyday, of course this should be a first priority in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So WHAT do we even DO?

We provide oral health care products that are not only multifunctional but are fun and easy to use. This is because we believe in supporting you, to the best of our abilities, in your oral health care routine which is an important part of your self care journey! 
These products are what we believe to be key in keeping a healthy mouth and gums. An electric toothbrush gives a superior clean and eliminates plaque more efficiently than a manual toothbrush. An electric toothbrush leaves your mouth with a cleaner and healthier feel after every use. They can also come with functions that assist in your cleaning routine, functions such as pausing every 30 seconds to remind you to change quadrants for a more balanced clean. 
Water flossers are perfect for removing plaque and bacteria to maintain gum health. They are perfect to reach those hard to get places in your mouth where food can get stuck and build up on bacteria. Water flossers are also great for people who don't have great hand coordination or if they have braces or dentures.
Or just for those who are looking for a fuller cleaning experience. 
Roaman gives you the opportunity to purchase these as separate items, in 4 colours that we chose to represent a personality aesthetic rather than boy/girl aesthetic. We also offer these two products in a perfect pack paired with a face
towel to make your morning and night brushing routine extra special. 

WHY choose US?

We promise that our aim is to make your life easier. Our other aim is to help create your oral health care routine FUN and AESTHETIC! Oral health doesn't have to look clinical or boring and we have tried very hard to make our products turn your daily routine, that can often feel bland and cold, into something you are excited to do everyday and want to share with friends and family. 
The product experience isn't the only thing we focus on making 100% for you. From your first time on our website to all the way when you need replacement pieces or if you simply need some advice on your oral health care routine, we are focused on making your experience effortless, friendly and welcoming. 

Now you’ve MET us!

Thanks for taking the time to meet us and we hope to stay alongside you on your self care journey into your best healthy self! 
We hope we have convinced you how important your oral health care is! For more tips and tricks on our products check out our tutorials page. If you are interested in learning more about oral health and caring for your teeth check out more of our blogs. 

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