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Making the switch to water flossing? You’ve obviously done your research and know it's the best way to go. Or, you could be just starting to look into water flossing and this is your first stop in learning about it. Well let’s get into it!
First Step: Slide the top cap to the side to find the Jet Tip. Pop the tip into the hole found on the top of the device. Push down until you hear the click which means the tip is placed in correctly. 
Second Step: Open the cap at the back of the Flosser and slide the container down until you hear a click. You should be able to click it in just pass the silver line. Be careful not to pull too hard or you could cause some damage.
Third Step: Fill the container with warm water and place the cap back on firmly. 
Fourth Step: Place into your mouth with a closed mouth and turn on the device until you reach your preferred setting. Move the tip in between your teeth and gums slowly for a meticulous clean.  Spend a minimum of 15 seconds cleaning time on each quadrant. 
Fifth Step: Every 5-7 seconds depending on your mouth comfortability pause the device to spit out the water from your mouth into the sink. Feel free to do this as much or as little as needed based on what's most comfortable for you. Remember to place the Jet Tip back into your mouth with a closed mouth before reactivating your device. 
You may need to refill the water container before finishing depending on mouth size. Be sure to turn off the device and open cap before refilling water. 
Sixth Step: Once you have finished your whole mouth turn off your device and empty any remaining water. Give your device a rinse all over and place the Jet Tip back into its compartment on device. You can release the Jet Tip by Pushing the small button found on the side of the device. When sliding the container compartment back up be sure the cap is open to allow an air to be pushed out or you may damage your Flosser. Once pushed in, place the cap back on and store in a cool dry place. 
Flossing should be done after brushing as part of your oral health care routine. To learn more about the importance of flossing check out our blogs or contact us at [email protected]
Charging - Pace the USB charger into a wall adapter. Then place the smaller charging port into the side of the device by lifting the protective flap. Leave for 3 hours.

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